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Dog Training Locations, Settings, and Sessions

Your dog's success is our number one priority, and training locations, training settings, and training sessions are set up to meet your schedule.

Please feel free to call and see how Little Barkers can help you train your puppy or dog.

Dog Training Locations and Settings

Q: In what type of setting are the lessons offered?

A: We train dogs in the comfort of your home, away from distractions, and lessons are planned to meet the expectations you have for your pup. Call Louise at (979) 324-9400 to find out more information about what you can expect from each lesson.

Q: Should I be in my home when you are training my dog?

A: I can do training with you and your pet while you are home or provide day training while you are out for the day. If you choose to do day training, we will meet once a week to discuss the progress, what we have worked on, and how you will implement all of this yourself.

Training Sessions

Q: Approximately how many sessions will it take to train my dog?

A: It all depends on what your expectations are and how much work you are willing to put into training your dog between each of our sessions. You get out what you put in, and practice makes perfect.

Q: Why do you use a clicker for training?

A:Unlike the human voice, a clicker is a marker that is unchanging in sound, tone, or pitch. This clear signal tells your pet, "Yes, that is exactly what I want." With this information communicated distinctly, followed by a reward, your pet understands, "Oh, that's what you want me to do," and he will begin to offer the behavior you want more reliably to earn his click and his treat. Much like when you get paid for doing your job, you wouldn't want to go to work and not be paid for it, would you?

My Dogs

Q: My dog is not food motivated. Can he be trained?

A: Yes. It is all a matter of finding a high value reward for you pet, be it treats, toys, or play.

Q: I have 2 dogs and they both need training. Will they be trained at the same time?

A: We can split the sessions in half and both dogs will work separately. Initially, this will be the most effective way to train - one at a time. Alternatively, if there is another family member at home at the same time, we can all train together. I recommend one trainer per dog. Inquire about rates for more than one dog.

Q: I have an older dog that is set in his ways. Can I expect success with his training?

A: As long as your older dog is still physically capable of performing the behavior you want, we will have just as much success as we would with a puppy. Just remember, your older dog's physical limits may slow him down a little, but this does not stop your dog from having the ability to learn.